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Cutting tools with interchangeable inserts

These tools have higher construction cost, with the advantage of easy tile change after use. In that case, we choose, after consultation with the customer, the tiles to be used and we undertake the construction of the base/stem in which they will be placed, to give the final product the desired shape.

Cutting tools with fixed carbides

We are able to manufacture cutting tools according to the form required. Thereby you save time by using a unique tool for the particular form you want to give to the final product. These tools can be grinded and reused after use.


Our Services


Precision Components

Modern technology requires high precision applications. With our equipment and expertise, we are able to undertake the construction of the components required in quantities starting at one piece, up to mass production.


We shape your existing cutting tools in a new form, even if they are already used.


All tools have limited lifespan. We grind your tools for you to save money, instead of buying new ones. We grind all kinds of cutting tools, either steel or carbide.